Le Chateau de Pierrefonds

For my architecture thesys i decided to talk about the Castle of Pierrefonds. I decided to rebuild it in 3ds max and render a 7 minutes sequence. I will show it during my talk. I began to model last year: the first max file was created on 24th april. it took me about one year to model the whole castle and it's not finished yet: exterior is still missing. It count about 2.300.000 polys. Here are some render of the wip. I began to render it in vray, but I decided to render the final in mental ray.

A late render with the exterior almost done

The exterior done. The gound outside the walls was taken from google earth then modified in max for better results.

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Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Did you know there is a BBC fantasy show called 'Merlin' filmed on location at Pierrefonds Castle every year? Maybe you should contact the production team and sell them this amazing model.