Chateau de Pierrefonds STAGE001

The ending video of my thesis project. One and a half year of work, more than one hundred model saved, plus than 5500 objects modeled and textured. One big crack of one of my hard disks.
Update in future...


Richard said...

Outstanding! I cannot wait to see more. Bravo!

An American said...

I just came across your model rendering. Amazing isn't sufficient enough a word. I would love to speak with you about some additional design work. please send me an email.


Anonymous said...

This was amazing. Pierrefonds is a wonderful castle but you've really brought the history of it to life.

Anonymous said...

Ciao, Andrea!
Que Stupendo!
Your work is a labor of love, exquisite,painstaking and superbly modeled. You are a True ARTIST/Architect.
Can't wait to see more of your work.
Molto Grazie.